Business and Economy in Palanpur

The economy of the city of Palanpur is a developing one. Agriculture, dairy industry, marble Industry and diamonds polishing are the important sectors that contributor towards economic growth and revenue generation in Palanpur. Due to the fertile soil in the region, lots of crops are also grown here. The tourism in Palanpur has also contributed towards its economic development because of the presence of several places of interests to the tourists.

Sectors that gave boost to Palanpur Economy

Following are the various sectors in Palanpur in which business has developed:

Agriculture in Palanpur

Agricultural activities are carried out on a large scale in Palanpur. The soil is quite fertile and ideal for growing many crops. A large variety of cash crops are grown here. Potato cultivation is also done along with other major crops which are wheat and millet. In some areas, castor seeds are grown and exported. Some of the castor seed manufacturers in the city are:

Chaudhary Bhemjibhai Galbabhai & Co
Address: C-51, New Ganj Bazar
Banasdairy Road
Palanpur - 385001
Phone No: + (91)-1894-253037

Shree Krishna Industries
Address: 132-135, Gidc
Palanpur - 385001
Phone No: + (91)-2742-238141

Dairy Industry in Palanpur

Dairy Industry in Palanpur

After the White Revolution in Palanpur which was engineered by National Dairy Development Board, Dairy farming in the city has gained momentum. For the continuance of cooperative movement in this sector, the role of Banas Dairy is instrumental. Under NDD, Banas Dairy is considered as one of the largest diaries. The city has now become the manufacturer of various dairy products such as Pasteurized Milks, Ghee, Tea and Coffee Whitener, ice creams etc. Many wholesellers and retailers have developed in the city selling dairy products.

Contact information of Banas Dairy Palanpur
Address: Post Box 20
Palanpur- 385002
Phone: 000-000-91-2742-253881/85

Diamond Industry in Palanpur

Diamond industry in Palanpur

One of the major industries which have developed substantially in the last 40 years is cutting and polishing of diamonds.  Palnpur is known to be the birthplace of most of the families who traded in diamonds. Mostly the Jains residing in the area is engaged in the trade of diamonds.  The Jains met in the year 1909 and decided to develop some strategy to lift the poverty of the village in which they were residing. This is when they decided to get associated with the diamond industry. Though most of them have relocated to Mumbai and Surat because of the remote location of Palanpur, they have kept their ties with the city, which is their ancestral home. The Jains of Palanpur are still considered as the dominator of the diamond industry.

Other Industries in Palanpur

Though not substantial, various other industries have also emerged in Palanpur.  Along National highway 14, marble stone cutting industry has also developed.  Various other small scale industries which have come up in the recent years are stone crushers, cement industries, metal pipe and cement manufacturing, small tools and submersible pumps.  Isabgol produced from Pscillium seeds, which is used as a natural laxative is also manufactured in Palanpur.

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