Healthcare Services in Palanpur

As the largest and one of the fastest growing cities in Banaskantha district of Gujarat, Palanpur is also much developed in terms of providing good health care facility to its residents. People from small towns round Palanpur come here to receive better advice and advanced medical treatments. The local authorities in the city have taken care to create better health care services and also make the service available to all sections of people in the society. Beside the civil hospital in Palanpur, the city also has numerous Private and public hospitals to attend to the health issues faced by the patients from local and surrounding areas.

Medical Services in Palanpur

Hospitals in Palanpur

The government hospital in Palanpur has the facility to treat various ailments with the help of well trained and qualified doctors. The doctors make sure that right treatments are provided to the patients for the ailments they are suffering from. Open round the clock, the hospital can be visited at any time to receive medical attention. Ambulance facility is also provided to those who are in critical condition and find it difficult to come for treatments on their own.

Apart from the government hospital, various private hospitals and nursing homes have also come up in Palanpur. Those suffering from medical complications can be assured of dedicated service by the private hospitals. Wholesome care and treatment is provided by the team of nurses and doctors to bring the patients back on their feet and attend to normal duties. Read More.................

Psychiatrists in Palanpur

Stress has become a part of today’s world. Almost everyone is stressed out due to the nature of lifestyle that they lead. Just like the fact that our body suffers when we overwork, similarly there is a greater chance of mental breakdown when we are unable to cope up with the pressures and stress of life. This is when taking the help of Psychiatrists come into the picture. Psychiatrists know in detail how our brain functions and what treatment will help us to cope with the pressure and stress of life. Palanpur too has psychiatrists just like other city to take care of people suffering from mental ailments.

Details of Psychiatrists in Palanpur

Dr R B Agrawal
Address: Near Church
Palanpur - 385001
Phone No: (91)-2742-260428

Chemist Shops in Palanpur

With the rise in population, the number of health care units in Palanpur is also increasing to provide the right treatments. The hospitals of Palanpur not only serve the residents but also people from the nearby towns too. The government of Gujarat has taken various steps to improve the health care system of Palanpur. Read More............

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